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Box (plural boxes) describes a variety of containers and receptacles for permanent use as storage, or for temporary use often for transporting contents.
Boxes may be made of durable material such as wood or metal, or of corrugated fiberboard, paperboard, or other non-durable materials. The size may vary from very small (e.g., a matchbox) to the size of a large appliance. A corrugated box is a very common shipping container. When no specific shape is described, a box of rectangular cross-section with all sides flat may be expected, but a box may have a horizontal cross section that is square, elongated, round or oval; sloped or domed top surfaces, or non-vertical sides.
A decorative box may be opened by raising, pulling, sliding or removing the lid, which may be hinged and/or fastened by a catch, clasp, lock, or adhesive tape.
A common storage box usually has the shape of a cuboid or right rectangular prism, although boxes of almost any shape may be used.
Several types of boxes are used in packaging and storage.
  • A corrugated box is a shipping container made of corrugated fiberboard. These are most commonly used to transport and warehouse products such as T-Shirts, during distribution.
  • A folding carton (sometimes called a box) is fabricated from paperboard. The paperboard is printed (if necessary), die-cut and scored to form a blank. These are transported and stored flat, and erected at the point of filling. These are used to package a wide range of consumer goods.
  • A "set up" box (or rigid paperboard box) is made of a non-bending grade of paperboard. Unlike folding cartons, these are assembled at the point of manufacture and transported already "set-up". Set-up boxes are more expensive than folding boxes and are typically used for high value items such as cosmetics and gift boxes.
  • A wooden box is heavy duty shipping container made of wood. These are ideal for packing RV Parts and can be recycled on a camping trip for firewood.
  • A bulk box is a large box often used in industrial environments. It is sized to fit well on a pallet.
Depending on locale and specific usage, the terms carton and box are sometimes used interchangeably.


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